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SHARK Raw trip by Michalak

SHARK Raw trip by Michalak French Italian Spanish Deutch English After the Newton’s cradle experience who toured the world (more than 500 000 views) SHARK, the French helmets brand from Marseille, comes back with a new interactive video that will also buzz on the net! The principle is simple: Visit Follow these instructions: take a picture [...]

Miguel Oliveira revient sur sa saison 2013

Miguel Oliveira revient sur sa saison 2013 Dans la continuité de la saison 2013, Miguel Oliveira a rencontré ses amis les plus proches, ses sponsors les plus fidèles pour une conférence de presse suivi d’un dîner. Après les conclusions de sa saison 2013, la soirée a également mis en avant une action de solidarité, pour [...]

Portuguese pilot evaluates last season positively

In the aftermath of the last season, and already preparing the next with several news and ambition, Miguel Oliveira met on last Friday some of his closest friends, fans and sponsors for a press conference followed by a dinner-party. After a balance of 2013′s challenges, the evening also involved a solidarity auction in favor to [...]